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Selected Article
Remote estimation of phycocyanin concentration in inland ... 2023-11-17
Surface soil pollen and climate in northern Xinjiang, Chi... 2023-11-17
Genetic characterization of yield- and quality-related tr... 2023-11-17
Urban vegetation cooling capacity was enhanced under rapi... 2023-11-14
Mapping the soil organic matter content in a typical blac... 2023-11-14
Cooling and humidification effects of coniferous and broa... 2023-11-14
Microplastic risk assessment and toxicity in plants: a re... 2023-11-14
Spatial pattern analysis of coordinated relationship betw... 2023-09-07
Enhanced removal efficiency of bensulfuron-methyl by a no... 2023-09-06
Response of phosphorus distribution to burn frequency and... 2023-09-06
Gas storage of peat in autumn and early winter in permafr... 2023-09-06
Wetland vegetation cover changes and its response to clim... 2023-09-06
Stimulation of primed carbon under climate change corresp... 2023-09-06
Warming-dominated climate change impacts on soil organic ... 2023-09-06
Mass-based trophic transfer of polystyrene nanoplastics i... 2023-09-06
Helophytes adapt to water and N-enrichment stresses by ad... 2023-09-06
Exploring the ecological quality and its drivers based on... 2023-09-06
Accelerated Hg loss and increased methylmercury covary wi... 2023-09-06
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