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Selected Article
Soil-microorganism-mediated invasional meltdown in plants 2020-10-10
Does Karrikin Signaling Shape the Rhizomicrobiome via the... 2020-09-29
Effect of the transgenerational exposure to elevated CO(2... 2020-09-29
The passivation effect of heavy metals during biochar-ame... 2020-09-29
Variability of chlorophyll and the influence factors duri... 2020-09-29
Iron-bound organic carbon is conserved in the rhizosphere... 2020-09-29
Response of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) a... 2020-09-29
May agricultural terraces induce gully erosion? A case st... 2020-09-29
Impact of urban expansion on land surface temperature in ... 2020-09-29
Monitoring of water surface temperature of Eurasian large... 2020-09-29
Response of methane emissions to litter input manipulatio... 2020-09-08
: Abundance changes of marsh plant species over 40 years ... 2020-09-08
Nitrogen availability influences microbial reduction of f... 2020-09-08
Long-term fertilization and residue return affect soil st... 2020-09-08
Microbial abundance as an indicator of soil carbon and ni... 2020-09-08
Recording Urban Land Dynamic and Its Effects during 2000-... 2020-09-08
Ecological risk assessment of wetland vegetation under pr... 2020-09-08
Soil aggregation accounts for the mineral soil organic ca... 2020-09-08
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