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Update time: [August 19, 2021]
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The Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology (IGA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is located in both Changchun and Harbin.It was formed by merging the former Changchun Institute of Geography, CAS, founded in 1958 and the Heilongjiang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, CAS, founded in 1978 in March 2002. It is a comprehensive research and training base specialized in geography agriculture, ecology, environmental science and technology.

The institute was recognized as the CAS’s Knowledge Innovation Program units in 2002 and it was included in the Institutions with Unique Features in 2015 . During the 60 years, the institute obtained many outstanding achievements providing solid scientific foundations for China’s national strategies on food security, ecological security and the implementation of the “Revitalization of Old Northeast Industrial Base” program.

IGA established the scientific research and technology demonstration systems including key laboratories, research centers,research stations and demonstration bases.

IGA now houses the Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecology and Environment, CAS,the Key Laboratory of Mollisols Agroecology, CAS,the Key Laboratory of Soybean Molecular Design Breeding, CAS,the Center of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information and the Regional Development Research Center of Northeast China.

It also houses 5 provincial key laboratories and engineering centers.Taking the Sanjiang Plain Wetland Research Station as the core station,IGA has established the Wetland Observatroy Network in Northeast China.Taking the Hailun Agroecosystem Field Station as the core station, IGA established the Agricultural Observatory Network in Northeast China and also set up the Changchun Jingyuetan Remote Sensing Research Station.In additon, IGA built the Dongliao Demonstration Base of CAS and other agricultural research and demonstration bases.

IGA also hosts four academic journals, Chinese Geographical Science,Scientia Geographica Sinica,Wetland Science and Soils and Crops,of which the Chinese Geographical Science is an ISI indexed journal and Scientia Geographica Sinica is deemed as one of three core geographical journals in China.

In the past 60 years,IGA has made great achievements in many fields.It established the theory system of China's wetland discipline,discovered the processes of wetland formation and evolution,developed key technologies for restoration of degraded salt marshes and the compound ecological paradigm of the Reed-Crab/fish-Rice, elucidated the degradation mechanism of Mollisols,cloned gene E1 which controls the flowering of soybean and gene J which regulates soybean yield and established the theoretical scheme of soybean molecular design breeding and the soybean gene bank with huge capacity.

IGA developed and demonstrated key technologies of low yield farmland management,fast restoration of climax vegetation on sodic lands and large scale rice planting and soil improvement in saline-sodic lands and crop planting mode with high light efficiency.

IGA also devloped new soybean cultivars and rice and maize cultivars totalling 20,many of which were listed as the main ccultivars in China.The ten “Dongsheng” soybean cultivars were all transfered to markets and achieved considerable economic benefits.In total, the promotion area for the agricultural technological achievements was 16 million hectares.

IGA developed airborne three-band microwave radiometer promoted the progress of microwave remote sensing research in China,built the big data denter for natural resources and environment in Northeast China and Northeast Asia and presided the compilation of the main function zoning of Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces

During the past 60 years, scientists have published more than 2000 ISI indexed papers,among which 500 papers were published in top journals.For papers in the field of wetland science,IGA is the leading institution and IGA’s publications on Mollisols are among the top in the world IGA also owned 327 national patents and 123 software registration certificates.

IGA has won more than 200 science and technology awards including two first-class National Awards for the Progress in Science and Technology.Since the implementaiton of the Knowledge Innovation Project of CAS.IGA was granted three second-class National Awards for the Progress in Science and Technology and 15 first-class Provincial and Ministerial Awards for Science and Technology.

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