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Invitations for participating in International Workshop of Mollisols Conservation
Update time: [April 24, 2012]
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International Workshop of Mollisols Conservation is to be held in August, 2012, Harbin, China, it is a follow-up to the International Symposium on Soil Quality and Management of World Mollisols in 2010, Harbin, China and Sino-Ukraine Workshop of Mollisols:Genesis, Properties and Fertility Management in 2011, Kiev, Ukraine.

The aims of the workshop are (1) to strengthen academic exchanges among scientists in World Mollisols regions, and (2) to provide a science-oriented support for conservation and utilization of Chinese Mollisols.


Bureau of Science and Technology for Resource and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

World Mollisols Association

Key Laboratory of Mollisols Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Heilongjiang Association of Mollisols Conservation and Utilization

Special Funds by   

International cooperation project of CAS;

Visiting Professorship Project of CAS;

Introducing and Popularizing Base of Foreign Intellectual Resources of SFEB


The theory and practices for soil conservation with emphasis on Mollisols in soil health improvement, water and nutrient cycling, crop residue and watershed management etc.

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