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    Dongdao No.4, a saline-alkali tolerant new rice variety
    Update time: 2011-04-18
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     A new rice variety, dongdao No.4, breed by Z.W. Liang in Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology (NEIGAE), has pass the Jilin agro-food Variety Approval Committee’s evaluation in January ,2010. This variety has the trait of fertilizer tolerant, lodging-resistant, rice blast resistant, cold tolerant, early growth and quick tiller and could grow up at green stem, which is an excellent comprehensive super-productive anti-adversity new variety and it is especially suitable to plant in West Jilin and saline-alkali affected Songnen plain. Dongdao No.4 broke the record of high yield rice in Jilin province at Jilin new rice variety productive competition in 2010, the experts harvest a 849.37 kg per mu, which beat down Jijing 88,a greatly promoted high yield rice variety in Jilin currently. This achievement made a breakthrough for the scarcity of saline-alkali tolerant rice cultivate on saline-alkali affected land in west Jilin and play a promoting role in realizing the goal of hundreds of billion kilogram crop yield in Jilin province.


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